What does environmental design really mean?

Design trends are constantly evolving in response to the ever changing wants and needs of society. Environmental design has been around for a long time, and its meaning has changed over time. But what is environmental design in architecture today?

Environmental design in architecture means that spaces are created in ecological and aesthetic harmony with the landscape that contains them. Environmental designers consider a number of factors like available materials, accessible space, and sustainable options, to craft a home that enhances the natural, cultural, social, and physical environment of an area.

But what does this actually look like? Let’s investigate.

Architecture that blends with nature

For a long time, our homes, our cities, and our buildings have been designed in a way that disconnects us from nature. The natural elements of our world were treated as something separate and isolated, rather than a part of us.

This attitude is changing, and in the opinion of famed environmental designer Stefano Boeri, this is because “people have a very strong demand to have new proximity with nature. It’s also related to what has happened in the past 18 months with Covid, and also psychological, with the sense of serenity that…plants can give you.” There is more awareness surrounding the advantageous effects proximity with nature can provide, and this is influencing the nature of interior and exterior environmental design.

By making nature tangible and a key focus of architectural design, emerging infrastructures are grounded in their own unique environment, reconnecting dwellers with the biological community they live in. This can also lead to a shift in attitudes towards climate, as immersion in our natural world can transform our awareness of the impacts it faces.

How Treetops at Kenmore connects with nature by design

The Treetops at Kenmore development has an intimate connection with the lush Australian native landscape that surrounds it. With view lines to a stunning natural canopy of Eucalypt treetops, there is a soft, living frame for the striking architectural facades, while the harmonious designs connect residents to time and place, epitomising all the best things about Kenmore.

Designers considered the significance of the Eucalyptus tree as part of Australia’s culture. It’s a symbol for success and prosperity, and the scent of its leaves provides a purifying and relaxing effect. This is incorporated into Treetops designs, with all plans including a deck or balcony plus a ground level patio area that invites the outside in, permitting full appreciation and immersion with the surrounding landscape. The interior is optimised for relaxation, working in tandem with the outside environment through spacious floorplans and sophisticated finishes in each space.

Environmentally sustainable architecture

What is sustainable environmental design? It refers to the consideration of nature during all stages of construction and homes made with this in mind seek to reduce impacts on the surrounding flora and fauna. Architects aim to use construction materials in moderation, minimise the use of energy, and use space effectively.

In terms of location, environmentally designed housing is situated nearby existing infrastructure, with amenities like public transport and shopping in close proximity to reduce the need for car travel. During the building stages, the materials used will often be eco-friendly and aim to have a small carbon footprint.

With effective environmental architecture, the energy usage of a household can be reduced. With windows that take in more sun there is less need for artificial light, and efficient thermal design means occupants can be warm in winter and cool in summer without the use of fans, air conditioners, and heaters.

The inclusion of plants in the space can also assist in making homes more environmentally friendly. Flora can cool down the space, and actually combat household emissions of CO2 with absorption through photosynthesis. This improves air quality and lessons occupants’ carbon footprint.

How Treetops at Kenmore creates sustainable homes

Metro Property Development is responsible for designing Treetops at Kenmore. They are committed to the creation of sustainable and high-quality residences in Australia’s best locations. They seek to connect their customers with they way they aspire to live, which serves as the inspiration for their natural designs and amenities. Particularly in the face of the pandemic, people are calling for environmentally friendly homes that connect them with nature, which Metro delivers.

Likewise, their partner CDL Australia has international acclaim for their commitment to sustainable and innovative developments. They were ranked the world’s top listed real estate company on the 2021 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World, demonstrating their passion for environmentally sustainable design.

The influence of both these developers can be seen in Treetops at Kenmore’s design and development, with homes constructed using energy-efficient, eco-friendly and fire-resistant building materials. From cladding that has zero carbon footprint, to ‘environcrete’ with reduced carbon components, environmentalism is at the core of every part of construction. Even the appliances we use inside the home are the most energy efficient on the planet. Plus, with large windows for natural lighting and an effective use of space, the interiors of our townhouses epitomise environmental design.

The prime location in Kenmore was also carefully selected with sustainability in mind. The close proximity to an array of amenities like schools, shopping centres, and public transport means residents can choose to leave their car at home and further reduce carbon emissions. We also have on-site push bike parking to encourage the use of sustainable transport.

What’s next?

In the face of current trends in architecture, many experts believe environmental design will be the new standard, Beauty will no longer be the priority, but rather a closeness with nature and reduced impacts to the environment. At Treetops, we combine the two.

For a beautiful home that will connect you with the environment without causing it harm, get in touch today. We have 96 luxury townhouses ready to be filled with people wanting to get back to nature without sacrificing the conveniences you love.

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